The wise human – By Hamish Dean

A wise human once said nothing

For the ways of God he was starting to figure out

So he saw no evil heard no evil and therefore spoke not

And he knew that without error there could be no correction

And God created beings for their error and correction

There is no formula to life he rightly asserted,

it is determined on circumstance and intention,

but they indeed did lose

and the one who took his own destiny in his hand did win instead

for the position of God the wise human could never attain

and eventually they gave into evil instead

Soul’s Relation with God – by Miss Nudrat N.

The soul which couches in the frame of a person
How They Think the creator has no concern
He creates man, gives life, and inserts caution
And thou think He not knows what thy in position

When souls sense gloomy and blank in the entire realm
Who gives them hope and potential to breathe and relish?
When the world serves against your resolution and gains
Who protects thee from the worldly loss and the plans?

Man suffers, feels ache, and survive
What do you think, who gives thee this drive?
He is the One and Only, knows thy merits and capacity
He is Who, who never left His man in rarity

Only God Has the power to change thy hearts and souls
He knows thy interests of heart and fears of the soul
Your Body and souls have a connection with God
Leave them up to Him to get some peace and reward.