A Conversation

When asked what are you doing in life?
A holy person answered I am looking for God,
Hopefully, I will find him merciful,
I am also hearing, feeling and thinking for God,
I am working, sleeping and eating for God,
I am enjoying worshipping God,

When asked how he is these days?
He answered I am feeling holy these days,
How is your health, I mean?
I have temporary illnesses, so I am waiting for heaven,
So how do you feel about the weather?
I like the weather as it is a creation of God he said,

So, when will you be going to heaven, the first asked?
When I come to life from this death,
The first got scared and ran away from the prayer room,
The holy man said to himself may god guide him,
He asked questions and then runs away,
Should I have given secular answers on this holy day,

Perhaps I should have said the weather is nice,
I am doing this and that to survive,
And am feeling well today,
I guess even in the prayer room one has to say secular answers,
To the deep questions of life,
Then why would he or I be here trying to worship God?

Everyone keeps asking these questions,
And they all want the same answers,
That I am seeking wealth have it good and loving life,
I think that sounds like heaven,
No Muslim takes the world as his heaven,
Yet everyone has become a secular robot.

Like an Angel

Why are you modest and shy,
There is no shame in your form and desires,
In your body, there is no fault,
Why do you oppress yourself so?

Well, I answer, but you might not like,
For if you are like an angel you would want to hide,
All the animalistic possessions that you do have,
And oppress all your bad behaviour and desires within.

But if I was not an angel
I would perhaps see no shame in these,
And they would be my prized possessions and what I would seek,
So if I had them, I would flaunt for I would know nothing better,
But I am like an angel, and I know better.


Ya Allah, Ar Rahman, Ar Rahim
Make him appear in my dream
Let him talk to me for hours,
The dearly beloved Prophet of ours.

Muhammad is an example for all mankind,
The beauty of his soul, could be seen even by the blind.
Allah made him caring,
He made him loving,
He made him honest,
He made him modest.
He gave him the most beautiful of manners.

He never gave up
Even at the hardest times
He faced a lot of challenges
But Allah was always in his heart and mind.

Peace be upon him
Ya Allah Rabbil alamin
He taught us Your way
May we InshaAllah meet in Jannah one day.

What is Normal

God is normal and absolutely good
Everyone is abnormal, and not good

If you are going to compare yourself
Compare yourself to the highest person, God

Then you will realize that you are a total loser
And there is no comparison at all

Better yet to not compare yourself to God
As there is nothing comparable to him

As he is higher than any can comprehend
Therefore, the feeling of deficiency should belong to all

All should be humble
And help each other in life

Not idolize nor neglect each other
It is but a mercy that God has revealed he exists

So, let’s live in peace and happiness and bliss
And get rid of all our evilness by believing in God the highest

And not let the pursuit of normality and good life
Distract us from being pious believers in God

Unavoidable Suffering

Unavoidable suffering brings happiness in hereafter,
When one is patient and worshipping God,
It becomes suffering for God,
Which is high stuff,
Leads to heaven and good deeds in life.

Unavoidable suffering brings one closer to God,
It increases one’s faith,
And God’s love for one,
It results in compensation in the hereafter,
Where one gets forgiven and gets heaven from God.

Unavoidable suffering is what life is sometimes,
Even when one tries to live a righteous life,
Poverty, pain, natural disasters, and illness are common,
It is bad, but an opportunity for growth of faith,
People realise what life is,
and God understands best as he teaches patience in the Quran.

A new prophet of God

Why be like the disbelievers and say no to prophets of God?
That is what the Quran teaches, and it is for all time,
So do not think Prophet Muhammad was the last one,
As it opens the door to those who harm those who are guided by God,

Sure, Muhammad was the last prophet of his time,
But God is eternal and guides the good to himself,
God is unlimited and can change the past, present and future,
Why is it hard to believe he can send us new prophets?

God never said Muhammad is the last prophet,
In the Quran it says he is the seal of the prophets,
What that means is that he is the sign that all others were right,
And does not mean he is like a seal when the envelope was done,

There is hadith that Muhammad said he is the last,
But there is nothing else in the preserved Quran,
The Quran says that many prophets were the first believers,
Perhaps Muhammad was saying he is the last of his time,

But what is time than a continuation,
I say the hadith does not make sense,
As it is used to justify ancient Arabian culture for the rest,
How about we put our trust in God and listen to the Quran,

As God says he sends messengers to all people and all times,
In the language that they understand,
As one of them not as angels from above,
So perhaps many messengers have come and are coming right now,

Why be deniers of guidance of God,
And harmful to the prophets of God,
Sure, we haven’t seen the miracles in the Quran from any,
But what if miracles are not needed by any,

Many get harmed by disbelievers as they do not believe,
Think what if Muslims might harm the next prophet God sends also,
Thinking that there will be no prophet after prophet Muhammad,
And act like God says some acted towards prophet Issa (Yeshua),

Many prophets are called mad and false,
While none believes there will be any prophets of God in our times,
Let’s put our mind to it to not harm those we think mentally ill,
As they might be prophets of God even if mentally ill,

Let’s also put our mind to seeking God,
Perhaps all believers can become prophets of God,
The prophets were beings like us seeking guidance,
And God guided them to himself.

Rationalism and Faith in God

Rationalism is needed for faith, but,
Perhaps God loves non-rationalists more,
As rationalists are over-reliant on their intellect,
More likely to make the error of thinking,
That they are always right,
God is the only all-knowing,
Rationalists but have limited knowledge and experience,
Not everything rationalistic knowable,
Some are less rationalistic than others,
Does not mean they are less as a person,
Rationalists sometimes don’t belong in any group,
As they think they are better,
As they think they know better,
God is incomprehensible,
Non-rationalists are closer in understanding God,
Non-rationalists know that they know not,
While rationalists think they know,
And could be wrong,
Thus, non-rationalists have more insight that they know not,
Perhaps they repent more to God therefore,
As they understand that they are deficient in knowing,
And God is perfect,
Thus, non-rationalism towards God,
Benefits faith in God.

Suffering or no suffering?

Some think to suffer is good,
But suffering is no good,
What is good is heaven,
Where there is no suffering,

Suffering brings trauma and misery,
is unavoidable and unnecessary,
But sometimes it is necessary,
So is it good to suffer for God?

Suffering brings happiness sometimes,
When one gains reward from hard work,
Or when one is patient and increases in faith,
So is suffering for God good?

As God forgives one’s mistakes,
And rewards with mercy,
And grants one heaven instead,
Thus suffering for God is good,

Perhaps it is necessary to suffer,
Maybe that is why there is suffering in the world,
As God wants to give compensation,
And heaven is not without effort and suffering,

Would one like to live and suffer?
Or live in luxury and not suffer?
I know what I prefer,
Perhaps you do as well,

To do worship and to believe,
And take what suffering comes my way,
As with suffering, there is always relief,
As God says in the Quran,

Perhaps there will always be suffering,
As God is the infinitely high,
And there is always a long way to go,
In Becoming better and wealthier in heaven,

I just hope God is not suffering,
And all do their utmost to be good,
But what can we do if God is suffering,
But to worship and believe in God,

Is the solution to life just to avoid suffering,
And get more mercy of God,
Or to suffer and get the mercy of God,
I guess it could be both as life is suffering and relief,

Which one is better,
It depends on the situation,
Sometimes seeking suffering sometimes relief,
As good comes from suffering a lot of times,

It always feels good to worship God,
Perhaps that is the solution to life’s questions,
To always pursue the ethical,
And always worship God.

What is Normal? What is Success?

God is normal and absolutely good,
Everyone else is abnormal,

Don’t pursue the normal,
But God the good,

God is the highest, the good,
Worship him and you will be good,

No need to compare yourself to others,
As there is no ideal normal in others,

The ideal is God,
And to worship him is the highest success.

True Islam

There are many versions and understanding of Islam,
Let’s believe the Qur’anic Islam,
Where all prophets follow Islam,
God should be the centre of Islam,
Not just the cultural practices of Arabs of time of Prophet Muhammad’s Islam,
Comparative religious studies are higher than just learning what many call Islam,
God has sent many messengers and religions to all that we should call Islam,
God wants worship faith and monotheism that is Islam,
But monotheism is a concept with many meanings each one a form of Islam,
Some religions believe in pantheism and other concepts, it is still Islam,
As non knows the nature of God and the meaning of Islam better than God,
Let God be the judge of all and treat all with mercy and love,
As God knows best and all are his creations, and he is the true judge.