What is Happiness? – By Hamish Dean

Happiness is not happiness
Faith in God is happiness
To Give up the world and worship God is happiness
Suffering and poverty in the world is happiness
Truth is that the world is an evil place
So happiness is not happiness

Achievement is not achievement
Joy is not joy
Truth is not truth
Wealth is not wealth
Success is not success
When the world is so evil

The world will never be good
But heaven is good
That is the place where everything is good
All worship God there
Where is that it is not here
But it is near for the believers

Who give up the positions and luxury of life
To strive in the way of God for God
A life of seeking to be good
To be truly good
And to worship the purely good

God is good
And teaches to fast and give to the poor
How could one be in luxury
When there is so much suffering and evil in the world
Yet all think that the aim of life is the world
No wonder why it is so evil in the world

While the aim is to worship God
And to have faith in only God
To believe in none but God
To leave evil of the world
And to seek the pleasure of God
The God most high, the one and only God

That is why heaven is for the weak and poor
The lowly downtrodden humbled being
Who is happy yet no one knows why
As heaven is near and their sights towards God
So make money and donate some
Or better worship God and worry not about money

Worship and fast and humble yourself before God
The one who is most capable of righting wrongs
He wants humility before Himself the most high
And to do good deeds of righting wrongs
He gives power and wealth for us not to want more
But seek the truth of it all.

Yet most don’t believe and take it for a game
A game to win, enjoy and have happiness evermore
And pay not heed to right and wrong
And give into evil of the world
And think that happiness is happiness
While happiness has never been happiness

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