A story about time – By Hamish Dean


          Time, time, don’t have time

          much of it running away all the time

Then worship the one who created time

             and ask for time to have more time

             to worship the Creator of all that exists including time


Time, time, Have more time

           tell me how to have even more time

Time is for worship not for having time

               Time is precious to all, all the time

               Have the time to trust that you have the time

               then worship God all the time


Wait all the time?

Time, time all the time

               people make the mistake

               and don’t worship all the time

               to not have time for He who is wealthiest in time

               the one who gives and takes all the time


Dime, dime, don’t have a dime

           I worshiped till I ran out of all the dimes

I will give the dime and the time

               come with me we will have a good time all the time

I have to get more dimes, but I have the time

           I am falling behind everyone at this time


you are ahead, and you are wealthy

               Now God is your friend and his is all dimes and time

but how am I going to get any dimes

           I am not wealthy I am dirt poor all the time

be patient now you have time to worship God

               soon you will be wealthy to spend on worshiping God


But I don’t need money to worship God I need money to have time for wait

           I have enough money and time to worship God but how about

           I don’t know things of the worldly kind

Time, time, the time will come just be patient

               For God has all things in heaven all the time

               and they are for the patient worshiper at this time


Heaven, heaven, I have heaven all the time

           I worshiped God and he gave me heaven

           I have heaven in my life and no time to waste

           tell me how do I become better friends with God

Just worship God and he will love you even more

              the cure to all problems is just worship of God


I asked for time and I got what I wanted

           not time or money or heaven did I need

           I needed to worship God that is the real heaven you see

           now I will spread this heaven of mine

           and try to make the world into a heaven of a kind

           by helping all worship God the supremely kind


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