Islam and Love

Islam is the religion of love
Islam is the religion of tolerance

In Islam, we are all brothers and sisters
We are equal in the eyes of Allah

No difference between you and me
No difference between black and white

There is no place for hatred
There is always a place for love

If you want to be a true Muslim
Always love and put hatred aside

Love starts at home
and spreads everywhere

Love should be the basis
of your actions anywhere

Love is the power source
with which people should live

when you love your surroundings
Definitely, you are on the right course

Greetings in Islam

In Islam, Assalamualaikum is the greeting
It is the beginning of every meeting

It is more than a world
It can change the world

It brings peace to every setting
It spreads love, it is more than greeting

Assalamualaikum is the key
To people’s hearts, it is a remedy

When you say this word with a smile
It is like taking the extra mile

Our prophet encouraged us to use this word
For us to have a peaceful world

It becomes the Muslims’ identity
To say this word and spread tranquillity

Muslims constantly use this word
To bring out the beauty of this world

No place for hatred, no place for darkness
There is only place for love and brightness

You can also try to say this word
Assalamualaikum to you and to this beautiful world.

End of death

Death is like birth,
A step towards,
A much better life,

Death is a cure,
For all the illnesses,
And misery of the world,

Death is forgiveness of God,
A step towards heaven,
A part of Islam,

Let’s be strong,
And grieve not when it happens,
As God is the wisest,

Death is not bad,
As there is a God,
And there is afterlife,

Death is a blessing
It is a necessity,
Death is unavoidable good,

Let’s not hate death,
But not go near it
As is evil to hasten it

Believers are in heaven,
They are more alive,
Thus, there is no death,

They should be grieving,
As we are less alive,
Have less of a life,

Yet lets respect life here,
And have a meaningful life,
And add meaning to the meaning of our lives,

As life is a test,
A test that we can prolong,
To get better marks for the next one,

Let’s not regret life,
Or get depression in our mind,
So, we live happily here,

And worship,
And worship,
For as long as it is possible here,

Let none give up,
Nor you or I give up,
As perseverance is the key to life here,

Perhaps one day,
Death will be no more,
And there will only be life in heaven,
Forever more and more,

Where every believer will be,
Forgiven and living ethically,
With belief in God,
The truly kind,

Worshiping in peace,
Achieving bliss,
Without memory,
Of death or suffering of the world,

Let’s pray and pray,
And have no doubt,
That it will come about,
As said God in the Quran.


Angels are high
But they do make mistakes
Like when God questioned them
And they gave the wrong answer
So, don’t think they are perfect
As only God is perfect
It was God who revealed to prophet Muhammad
Nor was the prophet perfect
Thus, Islam needs to be taken with salt
As it is possible that there is wrong within it
God expects intellect
Not naive thinking
Nor Suspension of intellect and reason
Doubt is not a good thing in God
But in all else it is necessary
For a righteous life
True people are not perfect
But they do not need to be made to believe in idols
Whether the idols be prophets, angels, or holy books
Nor will it make them good people
They should be given their rights
To think and believe as they want
And as God says truth stands clear from falsehood
And there is no compulsion in religion
That is the way of progress
For each person and everyone

What is Normal

God is normal and absolutely good
Everyone is abnormal, and not good

If you are going to compare yourself
Compare yourself to the highest person, God

Then you will realize that you are a total loser
And there is no comparison at all

Better yet to not compare yourself to God
As there is nothing comparable to him

As he is higher than any can comprehend
Therefore, the feeling of deficiency should belong to all

All should be humble
And help each other in life

Not idolize nor neglect each other
It is but a mercy that God has revealed he exists

So, let’s live in peace and happiness and bliss
And get rid of all our evilness by believing in God the highest

And not let the pursuit of normality and good life
Distract us from being pious believers in God

Peace on Earth

It is well known that heaven is better than earth,
But why wait on earth and not go straight to heaven?

Because God likes the patient in life,
And asks for faith and good deeds in the world,

Not death and killing,
That belongs in hell, not on earth nor heaven,

So, know that the religion of Islam does not allow for such,
Even if it gets mislabelled as such

Islam teaches to defend against oppression, tyranny and violence
But to do it peacefully
It is to fight the bad within oneself
and to worship God as if one sees him
and to speak truth to an unjust ruler
to endure illness with patience
to do all sorts of good that is difficult

So, don’t say Islam teaches violence
as Islam is for peace on earth


Knowledge will set you free
Seek, and you will be able
To understand depths of reality

Go near and learn from learning people
Seek, and you will be sought
And the rest will be but a thought

Thought of happiness and improvement
A delightful entertainment
A joyous world of worship of God

Wondrous is the creation of God
Wonderful the creator of it all
The pure and holy knowledgeable one

The gain of knowledge of God the goal
Worldly knowledge leads to the divine
A holy endeavour of the individual and whole

For he gave us life and requested faith
From those pious and knowledgeable of him
the true knowledge is that of God the supreme

God the Best Friend

God is the best
God is the best
Worship God
Put your mind to rest

Stand in prayer
Stand in prayer
Prostrate, prostrate
Sing God is the best

Worship God
Worship God
Now repeat
Till forever comes your way

Now repent
Now repent
Worship God
And seek nearness to your friend

Worship God
Worship God
The true friend
The Holiest highest friend

God is the best
God is the best
Don’t be a beast by making mistakes
Do good for God the friend

Be a friend
Be a friend
By freeing yourself from other than God
Worship till your miles apart

Love God
Love God
Believe in God
Forever and ever the friend


See sex is sometimes evil
Sex should not be talked about by holy people
That is why some believers disbelieve in evolution
As sex is for the non-virgin people

The act of halal sex is high
But the very pious asexual people
Modesty a prominent sign of holy people
Sex is not the hope of believing people

Laughing is better than sexual contact
Happiness escapes the evil in sexual conduct
Virginity ignorance of life’s evil content
Unfortunately, life propagation is not the purest

Examples are given to young and old
And the poor and wealthy
But sex is for the enjoyment of the hedonistic people
Abstinence absolutely beautiful for the holy

Enjoying pray practically incomparable in pleasure
The practice of the practitioner not problem producing
Program of life pleasure for the worship of God
Provided problems perish at the practice of Islam

Please people prayers are purer
God provides patience for pious
Poverty blessing and support for people
So, take to poverty to avoid the evil of the earthly program

Better to risk one’s life for piety than lust
So no do not risk it sex is not a must
Nor is having children in life
For the worship of God is the only must

Problematic parts made less problematic
For God loves sacrifice and fasting for people
Faith so precious and significant that
Sexuality is but petty worldly stuff for people

Participation by idols promoting sexuality to people
Some just for selling to stupid people
Precise percentage of what is harming people
Harmony disrupted because of culture of wealthy people

All should practice moderation
As mental health benefits from love and attraction
The goal of life should not be such a thing
Hope in God should be the utmost thing

God is beautiful and most attractive
Other people just want their goals in life
And don’t have but problematic parts
And all will die, god the ever alive

Be grateful to the only divine
And seek not the pleasure of life
But the true pleasure therein
The worship of God the supremely attractive

A Modern Prophet of God?

Can there be a new prophet of God in our time?
Muslims say not as Prophet Muhammad was the last one
Why so, they will tell you in the Quran it is written
That Muhammad was the seal of the prophets of God

What does that mean you might ask?
They do not know but make stuff up
Not knowing that means thinking of God evil
It is to say that revelation has ended, and guidance stopped

Have there been any cases of new prophets?
Some may say there have,
Perhaps there are many even right now
That receive revelation from God

If so what kind of life would they live
Many prophets did not have anything to show
Most probably did not think they were important enough to be anyone in the world
But if they had miracles, what would their miracle be?

Not many had miracles you see,
Some probably did not know they were prophets in worldly life
But they all taught the oneness of God
And told all to worship God the most high

What would they say about the people on earth?
About animal rights, global warming, and the destruction of earth
Would they say men are better than women, I do not think so
They would say believe and worship God, like the prophets of old

But wait they will say the hadith are clear
Muhammad said that he was the last and no one will be after him
Are you sure really did he say that did you hear with your ears?
How can you be sure hadith gathered more than 200 years after is true

I ask, what if he actually said so and he was mistaking
It is not like he was a hundred percent perfect person, God is
Jesus thought he was the last messenger also
What if both were the last messengers of their time not of all times thereafter

Same as when the Quran says that Adam was the first Muslim
Then the same for Moses and Muhammad were the first Muslims
Now I ask what if all believers are prophets of God
Some higher in status than others in the sight of God

Surely God can guide after the passing of Prophet Muhammad
Please don’t limit God in your mind and make strife on earth
Can you see such people don’t believe in the power of God
They limit him to only being able to guide the idol people

And do wishful thinking to think they are the right
Yet cause mischief instead of trying to be setting things right
Think that all have to live at the time of Prophet Muhammad
Why won’t they try to become friends with God and his prophets

Why won’t they desire to be God’s own Prophet?
Perhaps you and I are prophets
Perhaps all believers are prophets
Have we set our mind to it?

Perhaps God will Guide us and give us his mercy
Give us miracles like the prophets of old
The people who deny prophets are not believers
They harm any who believes they are a prophet of God

Sure, we haven’t seen the miracles like those in the Quran
But this is the solution for our modern lives
To open up prophethood just in case God sends some
And not be deniers like the criminals in the Quran

This is the way forward, so we don’t have to live in ancient Arabia
And have problems like applying what should not be applied to our modern lives
Sure, some might come that are misguided
But why be deniers to goodness and progress and guidance of God